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A Modular System. Lüber GmbH core sand preparation plants have been developed in accordance with modular design principles and consist of individual components serving to prepare core sands. Our plant components are available both as individual modules – such as individual mixers with their own controls – and as an integral part of automatic and compact installations. Lüber core sand preparation plants can be employed in just about any of the organic and inorganic core making processes used in core making. Our installations include different types of batch mixers, i.e. our universal batch mixer («UCM») and our intensive core sand mixer («KIM», bowl mixer). Both types of mixers will enable you to process batches between 25 and 500 kilograms.

Modules. Lüber core sand preparation plants mainly consist of the following modules: sand day silos; batch sifter for heating, cooling and dedusting the sand; sand dosing system; day storage for liquid components included; storage containers and dosing devices for powder and liquid additives, universal batch mixers («UCM»); or intensive core sand mixers («KIM»); a variety of core sand distribution systems; control cabinet with programmable logic controller.

Lüber core sand preparation plants offer various economic and performance-related benefits:
– High-quality modules ensure highest availability.
– Installation efforts required are minimal, as the installation is largely ready-assembled and pre-tested on delivery.
– Due to easy access to all components, they are simple to clean and maintain.
– Even when using several different types of sands and media, the resulting core sand mix is homogenous.
– High-performance mixers offer perfect mixing results with shortest possible mixing times.
– Exactly reproducible binder dosages provide for minimum binder consumption, resulting in up to 10% savings.
– Exact dosing precision with all components used.

Binder Storage and Conveyance. The Lüber GmbH offers tank, container and drum storage options for correct binder storage and conveyance. We also offer several different-sized tank storage options to accommodate larger binder quantities supplied by tanker lorry. These are either double-walled or provided with a catch basin, in accordance with official regulations. Binders are automatically transported to all processing points using transport pumps of just the right dimensions.

Central Sand Storage and Conveyance. For storage and pneumatic conveyance of sands or powder additives, Lüber can offer suitable silo installations or «Big Bag» stations with transmitters. If sand is supplied by tanker lorry, Lüber will integrate both the unloading and supply stations for the mixing installation into the plant.


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