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Gas Generators for all Production Process Types. Lüber gas generators can be used with all common gas curing core making processes and are individually adapted to the relevant process. You differentiate between the organic and the inorganic process. With the organic process, the liquid medium is stored in a storage container fitted to the side for this purpose. The medium is heated and changes its aggregate state from liquid to gaseous. You can fill the storage container both manually and automatically. We also offer devices for curing with hot air via the inorganic process. There is also an option to integrate several processes into a so-called universal gas generator. The Lüber GmbH’s compact laboratory gas generator completes our gas generation product range. (See «Testing – Compact Laboratory Devices» flyer)

Economy and Efficiency. Perfect coordination of all our gas generator components and the precise control they offer make it possible to achieve highest, reproducible dosing precision. Maximum performance due to high-end evaporators, simple operation and their high safety standards render Lüber gas generators highly efficient. By combing gas generators with our operating data logging facility, all relevant data can also be logged, visually recorded and analysed for quality assurance purposes. (See «Logging – Qualified Operating Data» flyer)

The Benefits of Lüber Gas Generators. Their low energy and catalyst consumption are testament to the economy and efficiency offered by Lüber gas generators. Electronic flow meters ensure highest dosing accuracy (patented). Catalysts are filled without the need to interrupt production. Lüber gas generators comply with CE and EX protection standards in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC and hold a test certificate ref. SEV 08 ATEX 0114. Our devices are simple to operate, offer easy access to all components and are low-maintenance. There is an option to connect to an operating data logging system to analyse all important data, too.

Central Amine Supply – completely clean. The central amine supply («ZAV») supplied by the Lüber GmbH serves to supply several gas generators with liquid media. Our ZAVs are fitted with a suitably dimensioned storage container which is easy to fill from a drum or container. On demand, the medium is supplied directly to the respective gas generator through a closed conduit system. You can choose from two versions: You can either place your ZAV in a raised position so that supply is effected in accordance with the gravitation principle, or you have the option to convey the medium to the respective gas generators using an integrated pump system.

Numerous Benefits and the highest Level of Safety. Our central amine supply («ZAV») is provided with various safety-related features, primarily a catch basin mounted underneath the ZAV. In case of emergency, any medium spilled is therefore caught immediately. There is also a leakage sensor in accordance with WHG § 19 I fitted to the catch basin, which will notify the operator of any emergency immediately. To maintain safe operation of the ZAV at all times, the complete conduit system is subjected to a leakage detection test every time there is a request for supplies. Only once the system is cleared as safe is the medium conveyed to the respective gas generator. The central amine supply complies with the ATEX Directive. Our ZAV also offers the benefit of easy access and a low-maintenance construction. With its simple operation, eco-friendliness and the highest degree of safety, a Lüber GmbH ZAV most certainly is the best choice.

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